In researching the field of Automobile Detailing, my partner & I discovered that it had a reputation of being somewhat unprofessional and inconvenience with convenience.

We wanted to develop a service we could be proud of.

Our first development was to make this service very convenient for our clients.

We wanted to be able to bring our service anywhere our client requested. So, we designed a mobile unit fully equipped with it's own pressurizes water and generated electricity. This was convenience! We come to you, no need to take time out of your busy schedule to have your car cleaned.

Our next step was to develop a variety of services to fit our clients needs and budget. They are the basic "Wash and Vac, the Special, the Premium and, our Supreme". Which is the most complete detail available, please note the enclosed service list for details on the four different types.

We also developed a maintenance program that comes with the purchase of our three major details for the client who doesn't have the time or wishes to have their car professionally maintained.

We wanted to bring a more professional image to the industry as most of our competitors are not viewed as projecting much professionalism.

We established a dress code and made it mandatory that a uniform be worn at all times while on duty.

We developed an inspection sheet which was two fold. One, it warrants the client of existing damage and trouble spots that may occur in the future and two, it protects our clients from damage to the automobile.

With all these ideas developed and in place, my partners and I, David Brown, established our business which is known as 
"All Mobile Details", in March, 1987.